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Anyone interested in a gift making workshop in December? Maybe making lavender soap, dipping white pillar candles in melted colored wax for a soft beautiful coating, making wax lumieres with balloons and melted wax that you then insert votives into for a pretty glow- (your own centerpiece on the table maybe?) And making 3 kinds of coated chocolate truffles, old fashioned sugarplums (yes, like in the story), and baking crispy palmiers? 
Sort of like these and with some hand stamped paper wrappings and labels- could be quite a jolly time! 

Let me know if you think you and some friends would want to make things like this. They are all things I am making anyway for my Holiday gift list- might as well have fun making them with others! Three and a half hours should be enough to get all these done.  Call or text or email or leave a reply on this site,
Thanks, Mary

Acton/Agua Dulce Arts Council sponsored workshop:

Create a garden mosaic 

Make either a butterfly or dragonfly mosaic, that can hang on a stick or lay flat, with small hand painted tiles, in any pattern you wish, then grout with black grout the second workshop day and go home with something looking like this.

Okay, maybe not quite this elaborate, it is only two Saturday mornings, but you get the picture. Make it as complicated or simple as you wish.

Oct 25th and Nov 1st
9 a.m. to noon
Acton Community Center

call Sandy Madsen for reservations

Should be lots of fun, and pretty things will be made. The second workshop day I will have a small treat!

                                                           Art Lessons for Kids:

If you are interested in lessons, drop me a line. 

Left: Violet, an extraordinarily observant girl, with her drawing of her eye.

Below: Sharon working on a drawing of her eye using a mirror and getting results that she's never had before. She and Violet rocked this lesson and achieved work I'd expect from High School students! Check out Violet's drawing at the top of the page. Other pic: Fun at Camp 2 yrs ago.

My style of teaching:  Specific praise, not general praise is used as a motivator for students. Specific praise ( I think your shading helps pop the subject forward in your drawing- nice work Samantha) as opposed to general praise (that's good Samantha) is what differentiates a student's eagerness to attempt growth in their work. It builds confidence if used consistently whereas general praise actually slowly destroys confidence . I am seeing 'specific praise' work in building kids desires to attempt new challenges. I allow for individual styles , differences in attention and desires in art projects. Everything is good if you are trying--and trying is all that ever matters.
Read up on this (specific praise)- it's really fascinating and important!

Classes taught by Mary E. Main, Bachelors of Science in Art, School of Education, University of Wisconsin, 1987. Trained in Montessori methodology, and comfortable with kids of all kinds, adults of all ages,  and anyone who is anywhere on the learning spectrum. Enhancing your visual life is so rewarding, let me help.

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