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Art Did That!
Teaching art is important. Really. Harvard's Business MBA program now requires creative classwork before a degree is issued. Why? Because creativity unleashes the inventiveness in the brain. Inventiveness is what fuels the forward motion of our society and business. Look at our world. Inventiveness creates new products, answers problems, and drives our evolving interests. The Apple I-phone is not successful because it looks and functions with the standards of a mediocre blender. It has design specifics that are superlative and functions that are incredibly innovative. Art did that. That's right, all the scientific and technological know how would mean nothing if the phone wasn't appealing and functioned breezily for it's users. Learning to unleash and direct your creativity is a skill set your kids need for their future. Machines can compute and project, but they can not replace the mind's ability to dream up say a wedding dress with the style of a Grecian gown as imagined by the late 1890's Victorians. A computer can not create a video game that feels like it is in a darkened Bavarian Castle in the cloudy winter- a human has to know what that experience is and program the computer to replicate it. Invest in your kids art and they will enjoy all of their life, their work and play-much more!

About me

earned my Bachelors of Science in Art from the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin. Since then I have taught art and theatre in many settings while raising my family. Charter, Montessori, Public, and Private schools have been where I have created fun and exciting classes that teach skill, but also allow for individual creativity. I have also been involved in theatre for over 9 years, from Shakespeare to puppet shows to Radio Shows.

              "I  enjoy being outside with our horses and dogs, or in   the house trying my hand at cooking ethnic food.  Painting and making pots on the wheel is my kind of creative fun. However, my greatest enjoyment is making something out of nothing. Truly--like a book from a pizza take-out box! But if you want priceless enjoyment, watch a kid as they create something they didn't know that they could, and had no idea it would be so good. That dawning moment where they see what they have just done is fantastic as it stretches out in front of you! That's what keeps me teaching."

painting and sketch by Mary Main

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